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Re-imagining what mobility looks like

In short

Photo and video direction personifying the global leader of mobility


Enterprise Holdings


Art Direction
Photo & Video Direction
Editing Direction


2021 - 2022

After an extensive UX redesign process, we tackled the challenge of developing a cohesive, modern photography and videography style for the new

My role was to guide the creation of new photo and video assets, the selection of stock photography for purchase, and the reuse or evolution of existing assets. The new photo and video style would have to reflect key focus areas and messaging topics including People & Culture, Sustainability, Community Giving / Enterprise Holdings Foundation, and Innovation / Future of Mobility.

Oh yea. We also had to get all this approved and be on set, shooting content in 2 weeks.

We began by examining the current visual language of Enterprise Holdings, and brainstorming visual concepts that were consistent with their current visual overall approach, while pushing their current visual language to live up to their promise to be the global leader of mobility.

So how did it turn out?

Overarching Style

What does it mean to be a global leader in mobility?

It means being able to translate even the most complex topics—like innovation, or sustainability, or community service—into something that’s clear and understandable. Every day, Enterprise Holdings and its affiliates help remove the friction from people’s lives, getting them where they want to go more easily, coming through with the funding that their communities need to thrive, or offering mobility options with a smaller eco footprint.

Our goal was create imagery and video that communicate that Enterprise Holdings is clear, capable, and comprehensive.

We visually grounded ourselves in three guiding principals.

  • Clear gridded or repeated elements - The real world isn’t always neat and tidy—but we can’t argue with the undeniable aaaah-factor of imagery that aligns to a clear grid. A solid reflection of Enterprise's ability to make everything right. When it's partnered with patterns and repetition, it reflects the strength of Enterprise's numbers: branches in hundreds of cities around the world, a huge global fleet, and all of the resources needed to broaden our impact again and again and again, in communities everywhere.
  • Plenty of breathing room - It’s a cluttered world. Even when  working in a crowded field—like next-gen mobility tech—Enterprise Holdings is really in a class all their own. So it makes sense for the imagery to breathe a little, with clean backgrounds and airy space around the subject. Not only does it make the imagery feel friendlier, but it helps drive home the message that even in a buzzy industry, Enterprise Holdings is outstanding in their field.
  • A sense of natural authority - As a trusted partner and neighbor, Enterprise doesn't do anything artificially. Images that blend natural light with natural interactions will project the same natural authority that Enterprise brings to every endeavor. Images are polished (and, of course, cleaned up in post-production), but never stagey or posed. The impact is in the authenticity.

We achieved this during 2 weeks of shooting, across multiple cities, in both the United States and Europe. I might be biased, but I think it turned out pretty great.

Executive Leadership Photography & Video Styling

Executive leadership portraits were two fold; clean minimal white sweep portraiture paired with more editorial, in-environment shots highlight the approachability and individuality of executives while providing a consistent look.

Additionally, Enterprise’s global vision is best expressed through the journeys and passionate insights of its leadership. In candid interviews that blend personal history, professional reflections, and visionary statements about Enterprise's trajectory, we explored key corporate themes with candor and credibility. These short videos enable them to both articulate the company’s future in key areas and establish their role in creating that future in a visionary, candid and unscripted way.

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