Off the Clock

My love for design began as a love for visual art.

I don't remember when the love started—I only remember using the act of making to make sense of the world around me. What I was incapable of putting into words, I would let out by creating.

My parents found a woman who was teaching private art lessons in her basement, and she gave me traditional fundamentals and the encouragement to chase a creative career. She emphasized the importance of keeping up a strong portfolio, and from fourth grade on, I began curating my portfolio—revising and editing along the way. Eventually that portfolio of fine art got me into college for design.

When I am not at work, I still enjoy drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, book binding and hand lettering. Below is a collection of some of my "off the clock" experiments and stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else.

I love what I do. I would love to connect and talk about what we can make together.


  • 2010-2014

    University of Kansas


  • 2023–present

    Purina | CKMK

  • 2019–2023


  • 2019


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