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Creating a visual language

In short

Developing a visual language for various brands




Photo & Video Shoot Direction
Retouching Direction
Campaign Concepting


2014 - Present

While my background is in design, my passion is concepting and strategy.

All three come together when developing a visual language for a brand or campaign.

You know that interview question "what is your favorite part of the job?" My answer is always on-set art direction—largely because the content and finished product is truly a team effort. It is a rare gift to be able to share ideas and space with such talented individuals, where we lean on each other equally to make something completely new. Things don't always go right. It rains on an outdoor shoot day, a product doesn't get delivered in time, the talent isn't actually a size 9 like they said on casting day...... There isn't time to dwell on what doesn't go right. There is only time to make creative and scrappy decisions and move on with your day.

I try to integrate this mentality and work environment into any project or team I am on, regardless of the end product. When I am working with UX/UI teams and developers, account service or working with a larger team of creatives, I try to empower each member of the team to step into their expertise and own it, while leaning on others to do what they do best. Stripping out a sense of solo ownership or competition and replace it with true collaboration elevates any work to a new level.

The following a have been art directed and conceptually designed by myself alongside various creative teams at Caleres, Moosylvania and Paradowski. I strive to create beautiful assets while communicating each brand's personality and authenticity.

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