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Delivering clarity to complex concepts

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Art direction, layout and web design to illustrate bringing clarity to complex issues


Enterprise Holdings


Publication Design
UX/UI Design
Art Direction


2022 - 2023

Enterprise is re-imagining what mobility looks like in all its forms—from hourly car sharing to full-service fleet management.

They are looking ahead, laying the groundwork and setting targets that will drive them forward on the road toward the future of ground travel and transportation—with sustainable practices and accessible mobility at their foundation. Along the way, they are focused on the priorities they've held true to since their founding in 1957: their customers, their people, their communities and their industry partners.

For their 2022 ESG report, I was tasked with demonstrating Enterprise Holdings' mission to lead innovation within the industry by not only aligning with sustainable and accessible practices, but driving forward those standards.

We started by pitching 3 visual directions that aligned with current brand standards, while pushing them to a more engaging, differentiating visual language to break through the clutter of other reports.

Direction A

Enterprise’s innovation doesn’t just embrace sustainable practices. It’s driven by them. In reimagining the road ahead, we’re connecting sustainable pathways across all lines of business.

Direction B

To advance the world, Enterprise is laying a sustainable foundation. Piece by piece, we’ll build a better future as we bring a new vision for mobility to life.

Direction C

Enterprise is in the process of re-imagining what mobility looks like in all its forms, and looking to “clarify” new ways to get from point A to point B.

We ended up landing on Direction C.

The nearly 80 page report had to adhere to strict web accessibility standards including color contrast, alt image text and screen reader compatibility. We landed on a style that utilized photography in a way that conveyed the clear-eyed approach they take on big topics like sustainability and DE&I.

This project required agility, compromise and collaboration as the report was being written and developed at a third party agency simultaneously to the layout of the report.

To launch the report and drive awareness, I designed the landing page within our new site's CMS.

Check out the landing page and view the full report here.

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