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Progress is a Human Invention

In short

Creating multi-channel, synchronized messaging challenging what is possible


Bayer Crop Science


Digital Display Ads
Organic & Paid Social Media
Video Direction
UX/UI Design


2019 - 2021

For Bayer Crop Science to position itself as a global leader in agriculture, its brand needed to resonate and translate across channels and continents.

To creatively communicate Bayer's mission for a varied global audience, we challenged the existing narrative with a compelling, layered content strategy targeted at key audiences. After all, agriculture is full of unexpected, inspiring stories — not just about farmers and their fields but also about food security, gene editing, artificial intelligence, climate solutions, and all of the wonderful things humanity can achieve together. Here, I developed the creative strategy and deliverables for paid media, social and web content across Bayer Crop Science's channels, in addition to video direction.

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