It's me! Meatball!

My name is Meatball Hoagie Fencl the First.
But you can call me Meatball, Meats, Meaty, Mr. Meats, Sweet Meats, Meaty Boy, Prince of Meatville, or Handsomist Bobansomist Baby Boy in the Whole Wide Worlds. Whatever floats your boat.

I am the goodest boy.

My official title is design intern. I am still learning my colors, but what I lack in color distinction skills, I make up for in many other marketable talents. These include:

- Sit
- Shake
- Down
- Stay
- Place
- Leave it
- Come
- Fetch
- Naps
- Finding Mom
- Crinkle noise detection
- Wearing clothes
- Conveying emotions with my eyes

I made my acting debut as Jimbo, Head of Smells, in a Bayer safety video. As you can see from these highlights, I have a bright future.