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Web Design

Naturalizer Website Rebrand

In 1927, Naturalizer was the first company to design a shoe to fit a woman’s foot. We promised to give her beautiful, versatile styles that felt exceptional. That commitment remains unwavering.    

Entering the 90th anniversary of that promise, Naturalizer acquired a brand identity change and repositioning in the marketplace. My team was tasked with redesigning the Naturalizer e-commerce site. 

We began with extensive research on our new target consumer, the "confident explorer," to study her shopping habits. This informed decisions on suggesting features such as predictive intelligence product suggestions, a more robust and informative product description page, cart clarity, brand family distinction, badging and visual color ways. Then, working with the rest of the capital team members, we worked on re-designing and developing the entire Naturalizer site.

Tools Used
Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch
Selection of redesigned pages

The entire project spanned six months and required collaboration between numerous departments. Our team worked efficiently to produce a completely redesigned, functional e-commerce site supporting over 1,000 products.

Team members also include: Project management: Craig Fels, User Experience Design: Stephanie Weber, Front-end development: Matthew Johnson, Back-end development: Shirmond Conway, Back-end development: Matt Peterein, QA: Sam Murray


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