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Graphic Design

Driver's Little Helper

Driver's Little Helper is a new product designed to make car rides fun and safe for all. Our team was tasked with creating an identity for the product, as well as packaging that added to the overall experience.   

Driver's Little Helper is a carseat monitor that attaches to the carseat itself and works with an app on the driver's smartphone. It monitors the child's temperature and motion and will notify the driver if the child becomes too hot, cold, or unbuckled. The monitor will also send an alert when you reach your final destination to be sure all passengers exit the car safely. 

The package includes the Driver's Little Helper monitor and pad, instruction manual, sticker sheet, and Dino Ryder, an entertaining story book about the adventures Ryder has with Driver's Little Helper.  

In addition to illustrating the story of Ryder and his adventures, I hand lettered and developed a custom font to accompany our story. The type plays an illustrative and kinetic role alongside the colorful images.

Driver's Little Helper
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Illustrator, Fontographer

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