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Graphic Design

Black Friday

On the biggest shopping weekend of the year, brands need to stand out more than ever.

For Naturalizer's Black Friday sale, I was tasked with developing a visual concept that would demand attention and entice shoppers across all channels.

Naturalizer stores and digital channels would be "taken over" in a dramatic fashion. Gestural white paint strokes conceal previous signage to reveal our biggest discount of the year. In a sea of black, our message stands out in stark, vibrant white.

This concept was evolved further online on Cyber Monday. The site was taken over yet again with static and motion for our extended online offer.

Tools Used
Photoshop, InDesign
Window art

The morning of Black Friday, shoppers would discover that the entire Naturalizer store had been taken over with gestural white paint. All in-store signage was replaced with Black Friday Takeover imagery and messaging.

In-store signage placed near product displays
Digital marketing
At the close of the shopping weekend, consumers were surprised with a subsequent digital takeover on Cyber Monday. The savings continue with a hacker inspired takeover all over the site.

Cyber Monday homepage design

Other works